Taking life at a slower pace

Having written my first few posts over a short period, I have not been able to write for some time. I had an accident on Monday 4th June 2012 (Bank Holiday Monday in England) and broke my right wrist. Yes, I am right handed. It means that I have had a lot more time for reflection during the last 2 months as it has slowed me right down. I thought I would start writing again by sharing some of my reflections:

1. I found it difficult to accept help, even though I could not manage on my own , and the help was being freely offered. I did get over this, but it was difficult for me as I am someone who is normally extremely independent and proud of being so. I hope that this will make me more sensitive about other people’s feelings when I offer help in the future.

2. There are a lot of really nice people around – I had many offers of help. Thank you to all who offered, even if I did not take up your offer. This experience will make me even more determined to offer help when I think it is needed, but I hope to be graceful in my response if my offer of help is not taken up at the timers were those who offered help to me. I also need to remember to be as open as possible in any offer of help and not to just offer what I think is needed.

3. Despite the offers of help I still got a little depressed and stir crazy because for much of the time I only interacted with people that were doing something to help me. I forgot that just having a chat or a coffee with someone is as helpful as accepting help with housework. I will try remember this for myself if I am unlucky enough to be injured again and make contact with others myself, but also to offer coffee and company to others and not just housework, lifts and shopping.

4. I had to slow down considerably from my usual pace and I have found that I liked it – the challenge will be stopping myself rushing in the future when I don’t need to. I recently read a book about the slow movement and did not think I would manage to slow down that much at my current stage in life. I feel a lot calmer and less stressed and really want to hold onto this, so will be trying to manage my lifestyle to enable this to become more established as part of it.

5. It is still possible to achieve a lot without a car by using public transport and walking. I want to keep up the walking and exercise, and reduce my use of the car.

So even though it could have just been a frustrating and negative period I have found breaking my wrist has also brought some new things into my life (and I don’t just mean the titanium plate in my right wrist).

This post is written as a thank you to all of the people that helped me when I really needed that help.